Palos Fire Protection District

Fire Chief - Mike McDonald:

​The Chief is charged with the overall operations of the Fire Protection District and enforcing applicable Fire District Ordinances.  The Chief is required to obtain approval from the Board of Trustees prior to any major expenses, and to regularly keep the Board of Trustees apprised
as to the general operations of the Fire District.

PFPD​: Our History

​History of the Palos Fire Protection District:In 1952, fourteen year old Susan Firalyo died in a fire at her home on 86th and 122nd Ave.  There had been a growing concern for the need of a fire department.  With the death of a child, six men seriously met and the wheels were in motion for setting up a volunteer fire department in Palos Park.  These men were Bob DeNovo, Henry and Phil Eierdam, Charlie Hipner, Vic Leatzow and Walter Witt.

​They approached Art Carlson and Abel DeHaan who gave them $5,000 to put down as payment on a property at the southwest corner of 123rd street and 86th Avenue (across from the Plush Horse).  That location changed to the present site.  Otto Kerner, circuit court judge, helped set up the Fire Prevention District.  In March of 1956, the new station, designed by Zay Smith and manned with 40 volunteers, was ready to go.

​Much has changed from when the wives of volunteers would answer in-coming calls and set off the sirens.  In 1968, ambulance and rescue service came into being, later followed by trained paramedics.  Today, calls are answered by Southwest Central Dispatch.  Station #2 was built in 1989.

​Excerpts from 75th Anniversary of Palos Park, by Geraldine (Dolly) DeNovo

The Growing Years:

The Palos Fire Protection District currently operates 2 fully staffed fire stations, 24 hours a day.  Each day there are 5 paramedic/firefighters on duty at each station, responding to over 2,400 requests for service each year.  The PFPD serves approximately 24,000 residents in Palos Township. 

​PFPD Mission Statement:

The Palos Fire Protection District has been established to provide the citizenry of our community with professional fire protection, fire suppression, emergency medical services, as well as protection against numerous other hazards which may threaten lives or property.

​It is the sworn duty of all members of Palos Fire Protection District to uphold the primary objectives of our service:  Protect the lives and property of the citizens of the Palos Fire Protection District.  All members are also sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Illinois, and the laws and ordinances of the Palos Fire Protection District.

​Palos Fire Protection District has attempted to incorporate a sense of community within our operations.  

​James Graben
Fire Chief